About Protect & Serve Home Watch

53 combined years of federal law enforcement experience.

Protect & Serve is not just a name but our lives’ mission.  Putting the needs of others ahead of our own has been our life’s work. 

Our Story

Protect and Serve Home Watch owners, Tom and Misha Kelly, both began their careers with the United States Secret Service where protection and critical observations were paramount in their career training. After the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001, Tom was recruited to become a Federal Air Marshal where he finished out his career in 2013.  Misha also transferred in 2001 from the United States Secret Service to the Office of Inspector General, investigating fraud for the Social Security Administration. Misha and Tom decided to escape the Washington, D.C. beltway when Misha received an opportunity to relocate with her agency to Clearwater, FL in 2013. Over the past nine years, they have fallen in love with Florida’s gulf coast and have integrated themselves into Clearwater and the surrounding beach coast communities.

Tom & Misha Kelly

53 Combined years of federal service

Why Home Watch?

Tom and Misha quickly realized upon relocating to Clearwater that they were one of few year-round residents on Clearwater Beach, and their snowbird neighbors often called upon them for assistance. Their needs ranged from personal (concierge) requests to an occasional misfortune with their property due to absence.  For the past 9 years, Tom and Misha have been continually called upon by neighbors and friends to check on their homes or perform personal (concierge) requests, such as respond to alarms sounding, stocking refrigerators, clean out spoiled/broken refrigerators, bring in garbage cans, retrieve packages, meet with contractors for quotes/repair work, and oversee contractor renovation progress. It was after witnessing a friend experience an unfortunate property catastrophe with their boat, Misha realized that there was a distinct need for a HOME WATCH business, and it was indisputable that she and Tom were the perfect team to offer trust, confidence, and peace of mind to clients. This revelational catastrophe was completely unforeseen by the homeowner and seemingly no fault of their own. It was an unfortunate sequence of events brought on by a heavy Florida rainfall, a simultaneous tripped sump pump on the dock electrical circuit breaker, and no home watch company to check on things while they were away. Tom and Misha were disturbed to hear that the insurance company denied the neighbors insurance claim, alleging ‘neglect’ because the homeowners had been away for over a month. There was also further confirmation of the critical need for a home watch business when squatters gained access to a neighboring home that was undergoing remodeling, and a robbery of appliances from a home in mid-renovation. There is no doubt that a home watch business would have likely prevented both incidents.