Our Services

Our approach to providing the highest level of professional service is based on our “SAFE Mission” concept…Security, Attention, Functional, and Effective.

Our goal is to provide you accurate and timely information regarding the condition of your home, and identify actual and potential problems.

Our Service Philosophy

As a client of Protect and Serve Home Watch, you will receive personalized service and home inspections. We do not hire employees like many larger Home Watch companies.  You will have the opportunity to know exactly who is accessing your property. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured Home Watch service company with a law enforcement background- trustworthy beyond no other.  We will take care of your home in a committed way that you should not expect from your friend or neighbor. 

Protect and Serve Home Watch will customize monitoring of your property based on your individual preferences, however based on past experiences, we do recommend to coordinate bi-weekly or monthly visits to the property. You will receive notification every visit when we access your property.  A detailed checklist and photographs of our observations will be provided during the visit.   

Our goal is to PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY and provide you with PEACE OF MIND.  

When conducting a visit or ‘sweep’ of your home, we will focus on 4 primary missions:

Security Is the home secure and has there been any sign of trespassing, disturbances, or breaches of windows/doors caused by weather, intruders, or pests of any kind (interior/exterior)?

Attention — Is the home in need of any TLC attention or action (mail, trash, packages, and lighting)? We, as P&S Home Watch professionals, will provide the home with customized attention. Our visits will act as a deterrent for any theft or burglary, as well as maintain the condition of the home while you are unable.

Functional Are the appliances and equipment on the property all properly functioning? We identify potential issues and test systems to make sure the home is in working order to help prevent potential catastrophic damage- fire damage, water leaks, mold, spoiled food, dead grass/plants.

Effective — Our goal is to be EFFECTIVE for you. We know that time is a valuable commodity and there is always a shortage of it. We want to make your vacation/second home as effortless as possible so you can enjoy it. We hope that our concierge operations can be an EFFECTIVE value, allowing you flexibility and convenience.

Check for proper temperature and humidity levels to prevent mold

Check filters and household systems operations

Provide access to contractors and deliveries

Check for water and other damage throughout your home

Check security of windows and doors

Check pool, jacuzzi and general exterior appearance

Check breaker panels for proper operation and tripped circuits

Check for termite and other pests presence

In order to ensure all of the SAFE criteria are met, we will conduct the following visual and physical inspections in order to give you peace of mind:


  • Overall security of the home is intact and any disturbances, changes, signs of trespassing
  • House/window damage- weather or pests/critters
  • Verify maintenance services are being performed- landscaping/pool
  • Signs of non-functioning equipment- pool pump, HVAC, sprinklers, lighting
  • Debris- newspaper, flyers, trash or storm disruption
  • Retrieve deliveries, mail and garbage cans
  • Dock/lift, watercraft positioning/tide levels
  • Rotate vehicle


  • Verify windows and doors secured
  • Signs of water damage, mold, mildew, or pests
  • Turn on/circulate water-toilet flushes and run faucets (Turn off upon departure)
  • Appliance checks for proper function- circuit breaker (trips), water heater, refrigerator/freezer operations, reset WiFi router, adjust security cameras as needed, and test smoke detectors
  • AC thermostat and humidistat levels
  • Adjust lighting/blinds as needed
  • Water plants


  • Meet/oversee contractors and/or delivery schedules
  • Key holder service
  • Airport transportation
  • Arrival preparation/Departure closure
  • Grocery delivery and stocking
  • Security contact for alarm system
  • Storm preparation and post storm report

The above inspections duties listed are basic descriptions and do not encompass the critical services P&S Home Watch Service will provide. As our client, we will provide personalized and customized service specific to you and your property.

Our Reporting System

Protect and Serve Home Watch provides you clear communication and the best service possible by using state of the art software by QRIDit. This system provides the most secure and comprehensive solution available for Home Watch providers.

We will create a customized checklist based on your home and your requirements to use when we make our Home Watch check.  The QRIDit system allows us to provide you an electronic report of our findings with pictures.  Because the system is GPS capable, you will know when and where we were when we perform our check.